• 20 field players and maximum 2 goal keepers are selected for each division.   (total 22)
  • All Leagues are expected to submit a Top 10 List from their all Conference selections
  • Coaches must submit the Player Stat sheet for players to be considered for selection.
  • #1 player in the league is an automatic selection.
  • # 1 player in the CIAC classification/division (S, M, L, LL) is given particularly strong consideration. ( i.e. the #2 player in the league is the first S  division player in the top 10). She is not an “automatic selection”.
  • No player ranked below another shall be selected without that higher ranked player (same class…S,M, L, LL) being selected as well. (i.e. a #4 cannot be placed on the team if all players of the same CIAC class ranked above her are not).
  • Players (other than automatic qualifiers) must receive a majority of votes of the committee to be placed on the team.


  • All committee members will sign a non-disclosure form.
  • Player info sheets, as provided by coaches (see CGSCA web-site) shall be read and discussed by all members of the committee.
  • Discussion on league, including records of teams, strength of schedule, number of teams that have qualified for tournament, recent tournament results etc. is appropriate when determining/selecting the number of players from a specific league. These may be helpful as points of comparison.
  • Discuss the number of teams within a league. For example a player who is in the Top 10 from a league with 14 teams is vying for a spot on the same 22 player All-State team as a player from a league with 6 teams.. (The player from the 14 team conference competes with many more players for a Top 10 vote in a conference).
  • Discuss the high school credentials of players (past All-State, All New England) should be afforded to each candidate, but qualification/selection is based on this year’s high school performance.
  • Committee shall indicate in writing on the All-State Form (provided) the reasons for inclusion and exclusion from the team.
  • The Committee will turn in the results to the All-State Chair or to a member of the ExCom. The All-State Committee and Executive Committee reserve the right to rectify or correct any errors or oversights.


  1.  To organize a committee to select the girls/boys worthy of All American selection.  The number of girls/boys to be selected is determined by the all region and All American process (See below).  The list of the girls/boys will be in numerical order.  The list will be sent to the region chairman by a specific date every year.
  2.  To see that the All American nominees receive the official nomination form at the earliest possible date. (See CGSCA website. )
  3. To see that the nominees coach knows that she/he needs to be a member; without this commitment the nominees will be removed.
  4. To encourage NSCAA membership.
  5. The state chair will have a written selection process statement.  This process will be chosen from the list approved by the NSCAA.*  (See below)


“NSCAA/CGSCA Process:    Individual coaches send nominees to a committee.  There needs to be written evaluations on all players nominated.” (Coaches should use NSCAA form and comment section) “The committee should consist of high school coaches from a cross section of the state.  The use of college coaches, youth coaches, and/or parents is approved, but strongly recommended that they be not allowed to vote.  Their input needs to be recognized and used in evaluating.  The committee needs to be listed with the NSCAA along with the chairperson.”

* Source: NSCAA

CGSCA All-New England/American Process

  1. Discuss non-disclosure statements and verify that are all signed.
  2. Pass out All-State Lists to members
  3. Pass out previous years All NE/Amer applications. Verify coach is a member of NSCAA.
  4. Cull Applicants that are not All-State selections.
  5. Discussion on individuals.
  6. Cull applicants to top 25-28 after committee discussion.
  7. Review each remaining applicant and discuss merits.
  8. Vote on individuals.
  9. Provide moderators with signed ballots.
  10. Turn in all worksheets or notes.
  11. Moderators (Chair and President) will tally ballots.
  12. Provide NSCAA with All New England and All American recipients.
  13. Release teams to press as per NSCAA guidelines.

Connecticut All New England Committee

  • Preps-
  • FCIAC- -Tom Cunningham-Fairfield Warde HS
  • SWC-Nelson Mingachos- Immaculate HS
  • Shorline-Megan Kilbride-Morgan HS
  • SWC- Eleanor Brainard-Masuk HS
  • CCC-Steve Yanosy-Berlin HS
  • ECC- Robert Brule – Waterford HS
  • SCC- Scott McMahon-Guilford HS
  • BL-
  • NCCC- David Sullivan- Suffield HS
  • Chair Bill Pacelia –  Executive Board
  • Moderator- Steve Yanosy   – Executive Board              

Please note if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the CGSCA president Bill Pacelia at   (860-729-9351) of the All New England/Amer Chair Beth Regan at   (860-455-9196).